Living in a neighborhood with small kids, i always wondered, why they normally have a long crying period when they are about 3 years.
Now i think there are two ways to explain:
a.) they recognize what a sh** life is (and all this crying helps them in a traumatic way to forget it);
b.) they cry all the time to let the adults – not only the parents – remeber what a sh** life is.
Could be both. What do you think?

2 Replies to “Finally”

  1. What about the long period of times in the between the crying? Is that to remind us how wonderful life can be?

  2. Long periods in between? Last year the 3 years old girl in the apartment under ours cried everyday several times. At the moment the kid in the upper floor is at this age – and i can hear it every day.
    have to admit that it depresses me.